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Reliable product and outstanding service

Backed by 69 years’ experience in quality machinery manufacturing.

Proven Quality

Kyokuto quality products – honed from over 67 years of manufacturing in Japan – available in Australia since 2015.

Kyokuto Australia is building on the strengths and strategies of this global leader and the belief that a quality product doesn’t need to come with a premium price.

Diverse Range

Kyokuto is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of concrete boom trucks, concrete agitators, truck tipper bodies, tilt tray recovery bodies, tail lifts, refuse trucks and complete environmental waste crushers.

The company has grown to be a market leader due to its commitment to quality, innovative products and customer satisfaction.

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Here at Kyokuto Australia, giving our customers the hard sell is not part of our culture.

We believe in simply placing all the relevant information in your hands and standing by our product, our service and our price.

The decision then takes care of itself.

Kyokuto Indonesia production plant

Kyokuto Indonesia

PT. Kyokuto Indomobil Manufacturing Indonesia

Was established as a joint venture together with a local corporation in Indonesia, the INDOMOBIL Group.

We produces special purpose
vehicles related to transportation and construction for which a huge demand is expected to come from activities such as coal transport and infrastructure improvement in Indonesia.

By taking advantage of the broad on-site sales network of the INDOMOBIL Group, we will contribute to the development of Indonesia by
providing dump trucks and concrete mixer trucks.

Kyokuto India production plant

Kyokuto India


SATRAC is the Kyokuto Kaihatsu Group's plant in India, established as a joint venture with a local corporation.

In India, a country developing remarkably, the demand for infrastructure improvement is rapidly increasing.

With the technological strengths that Kyokuto Kaihatsu has developed in Japan and the extensive sales network that SATRAC Group has established through years of business activities in India, we will provide the local market with concrete mixer trucks and dump trucks, and contribute to the development of India.

Kyokuto China production plant

Kyokuto China

Kunshan Plant (China)…Kyokuto Kaihatsu (Kunshan) Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Since its completion in 2005, our Kunshan Plant in China, which was established as the Kyokuto Kaihatsu Group's first overseas production base, has contributed to the infrastructure improvement in China and other Asian countries through the manufacture and sale of concrete mixer trucks and concrete pumps.

It is also playing an important role as a base for supplying parts to our plants in Japan, India and Indonesia, gaining more and more importance within the Kyokuto Kaihatsu Group.